1. Start by going to: https://littlelooms.zinioapps.com

  2. Log into Zinio by clicking on the top right arrow icon

  3. You'll need to register with Zinio using the email address associated with your active Little Looms subscritpion and create a password.

    1. Please note, this will be the same login as the Little Looms Apple or Android App as these are both managed by Zinio. Since it is an outside company that manages the site, it won't be the same login as your regular login information on handwovenmagazine.com 

  4. Once you're logged in, click on "My Library" and you should see all the digital issues available for Little Looms

Please note: If you are an apple user we recommend that you do not use Safari. Safari is not compatible with Zinio. Please use Google Chrome, Firebox or some other option.