1. Start by going to the app store on your device.


2. Type in the magazine you're looking for (or click the direct download link Handwoven Magazine, PieceWork Magazine, Spin Off Magazine, or Little Looms Magazine)

Click on the app you're wanting to download and hit "Get" or "Open"


3. Once installed, click on "Sign up" or "Sign in". If you already created an account on our web reader, make sure to use that email address and password that you created. If you have not done so yet via our web reader, you'll need to create a brand-new account.

Please Note: The login email/password for our apps is different than the login for your Customer Profile on our home pages. Even if you have already created an account on our home pages, you will need to also create a new account through the app. 


4.  Once you're logged in, you should be able to access the magazine Library.


Now it's time to explore! You can scroll through the digital issues and pick which one you'd like to read. You can also download specific issues to read offline. 




If you have any troubles accessing your issues, please contact us today!