Your weaving, spinning, and needlework video downloads as well as online workshops have been transferred over to Long Thread Media and are now available through

Below you will find a set of questions and answers about your CraftDaily videos:


Q: If I'm missing videos, what do I do?

A: If you're missing any videos, please contact our support team at [email protected]. They will need to know the courses you're missing (full titles) and if you had any additional emails associated with your previous account


Q: What if I'm missing PDF downloads? Where do I find those?

A: If you're missing any PDF downloads or other items, please check your Customer Profile at Here's a help article on how to access those previously purchased downloads: 


Q: How do I get logged in?

A: Here's a help article that will take you through the steps on how to get logged into our online learning course website: 

Note: Make sure to use the email address that you used to purchase these courses.


Q: Why can't I create a password?

A: Long Thread Media uses passwordless authentication, which is a more secure method to get logged in. You will be sent a verification code to your email. Then you will retrieve the verification code from your email and enter it into the learn website without leaving that page. As long as you stay signed in, you shouldn't have to use a new verification code for up to 30 days

Here's a help article on how to get logged in using the verification code for our main websites. The same steps would apply to access our courses: 

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our support team directly at [email protected]